The purpose of a guest room is to offer travelers to discover and experience a country through the eyes of its residents, their traditions and their various practices. In other words, lodging in a guest room signifies that you will share part or most of the apartment facilities with the owner and perhaps other guests who are also staying in the apartment. All our guest rooms however have their private bathroom and total intimacy. The rooms are delivered with bed linen and bath towels. They are non-smoking. Some owners serve breakfast and some don't. Prices include all charges and they vary according to number of persons, time of the year and they are digressive with length of stay. Reservations are made on first come first served basis. Sadly, we are unable to welcome pets. For further information, kindly fill in the reservation form in the 'Contact us' section.

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G1 - Nazareth
  • Located in Achrafieh, Nasra Street
  • 220 m2 with 2 guest rooms
  • 2nd floor - Elevator
  • Lodges 4-5
  • 4 nights minimum


G2 - Azarieh
  • Located in Achrafieh, Mar Charbel Street, behind Sassine square
  • 200 m2 with 2 guest rooms
  • 1st  floor - elevator
  • Lodges 4
  • 7 nights minimum


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